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Potential implications of staying in UMC:

Pastor Joseph will leave Cokesbury.

Pastors being ordained that are LGBTQ+

Having same-sex marriages performed by a                         Pastor in Cokesbury.

Having a Pastor who is LGBTQ+ at Cokesbury

The time has come to decide what Cokesbury is going to do.  We have several options.  Option 1:  Do Nothing and remain in the UMC.  

​                                                                                                                                                              Option 2:  Leave UMC and go independent.

​                                                                                                                                                              Option 3:  Leave UMC and join Global Methodist Church

Conference Visit with Alex Shanks presenting the position of staying in the United Methodist Church.

Potential implications of leaving the UMC:

Potential financial costs

Global Methodist Church could change policies after we join.

We will own our property.  NO TRUST CLAUSE.

There will be a church wide vote of members.  We will have a Church Conference on (Date to Be Determined and put here).  The vote will decide the future of Cokesbury UMC.  A 2/3 majority of voting members is needed to leave the UMC.  

WCA Zoom Meeting presenting position of leaving the United Methodist Church.

If you have questions send them to us and we will try to answer them.  If we can not answer, we will research it.  

​The Election Team

Cokesbury United Methodist Church
   We embrace God's Grace

Here is a video concerning the potential split of the United Methodist Church.  It was recorded in 2021, so some of the information has been updated.   I present this more for the historical information.